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When is a Puppy Considered an Adult Dog?

A dog is no longer a puppy between 12 to 18 months but this also depends on the breed, size, and behaviour. Large and giant breeds can take up to almost 24 months before reaching adulthood. Generally smaller breeds fully mature, both physically and emotionally sooner which can take up almost 24 months before reaching adulthood.


Puppies grow up fast. One moment they are a small bundle of joy running around the house, and the next thing you know, they will end up curled next to you when they are full-sized dogs. So when does a puppy stop being a puppy? full-sized dogs. So when does a puppy stop being a puppy? What physical and emotional signs are present?

Puppies' Energy begins to decrease

When the energy levels decrease, your dog is maturing into an adult dog. This doesn't mean they won't have the energy or get excited.

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Sleeping Patterns Change

Puppies require a lot of sleep. Puppies who get enough sleep not only have more energy, but also develop their brains, muscles, immune systems, and central nervous systems. Puppy sleeps 18 to 20 hours per day on average, though it may not seem like it because they are so active when they are awake.

The normal adult dog will sleep about 14 hours a day, so as they get older you might notice the number of sleep decreases. Since no dogs are exactly alike, your dog's sleeping patterns may differ slightly from the average.


Changes in Behaviour

Your dog shows you that it is maturing emotionally when it listens and shows obedience. Other indications are when your dog gets less distracted and has a calmer attitude.

Gaining Weight

Your dog may begin to gain weight as it ages, in which case you must pay more attention to what it consumes. To maintain a healthy weight make sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise.

It's incredibly exciting to welcome a new family member into the house. Keep in mind that puppyhood passes quickly. Take a lot of pictures while your pup is still young and remember to enjoy the moment!

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