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PRINCE PREMIUM Dog Food is carefully prepared, packed full of goodness with specialised natural ingredients formulated to the highest possible standards. There is nothing to hide and every effort has been made to list the full ingredients, detailing the benefits of promoting good health, inside-out. Our ultimate goal is to prolong the life of your pets through high quality ingredients.




Barley Grains

Grain Free

  • No product fillers

  • Low in the carbohydrates that may cause health issues

  •  Advanced new kibble helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

This genuine pure caloric quality dog food is concentrated with natural ingredients; fresh meat, fish, vegetables and herbs, complete with tempting aromas for palatability. It is formulated to ease digestion and combines with protein that is strong in energy and vegetables that are strong in dietary fiber with vitamin E and vitamin B complex (iron).


Raw Steak


Special meats such as:

  • Ostrich 

  • Venison

  • Gnu

  • Buffalo

  • Wild boar

...add to the health benefits through low-fat and vitamins vital for generating healthy body cells, together with a key enzyme for energy production and metabolism for the perfect dog food.

Image by Tehzeeb Kazmi

Natural Raw Materials

Blend of:

  • vegetables

  • vitamins

  • herbs

  • plant

  • fruit extracts


Ingredients that offer a range of benefits to you and your dog.

dog snacks & treats

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