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Prince Premium ‘Grain Free’ dry dog food is carefully prepared and packed full of goodness with specialised natural ingredients formulated to the highest possible standards.  There is nothing to hide and every effort has been made to list the full ingredients of our pet food detailing the benefits of promoting good health, inside-out.

Specialised meats such as buffalo and Reindeer add impact to the health benefits through low-fat vitamins that are vital to generating healthy cells.

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Grain Free


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Justin Parnis

My dog Beppe always suffered from skin allergies and from time to time it would break out really bad. I tried a all sort of things to help him out but since I have put him on PRINCE Taste of nature, Grain Free, combined with BARF raw food his skin never looked so clear. All my Frenchies have nice shiny coats with this dog food.


Gerson Orsini

I personally feed a mix of Prince Ranges according to the time of year. Preparation for dog shows is key and with the endless formulas, I can easily adjust the diet of my dogs.


Daniela Farrugia

The Prince selection is vast. You can find any type of pet food you need, for any condition your pet might have such us allergy conditions. My dog's favorite food is ' Taste of Nature' as it has different protein variations such as salmon, reindeer, pork and lamb. Due to the mono-proteic selection, I can easily adjust protein levels according to the season.

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