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Pet Nutrition House Ltd. was created by Matthew Wismayer- a Nutritionist by trade, his love of his pets inspired him to create a brand of pet food with fresh, natural and top quality ingredients. Pet Nutrition is the only Maltese company specialized in pet food sold in over 85 countries worldwide. A wide range of pet products are sold besides pet food including snacks, supplements, and accessories under the Prince and Princess brands.

Pet Nutrition House Ltd. currently has 2 pet shops in Malta - one in San Gwann and another in Luqa where we also provide pet grooming and pet training services. Pet Nutrition House Ltd. also sells Prince and Princess Pet Food to all leading pet shops and supermarkets in Malta and Gozo.

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Pet Nutrition House Ltd's goal is to increase share and volume of trade. As a Maltese pet food company, we know that there are various external factors that may lead to a certain level of risk to conduct our daily duties to achieve our KPI's. These risks are all based on 4 main factors; Political, Economical, Social Cultural & Technological. To reduce the risk of competition in the market, Pet Nutrition House Ltd. works vigorously to innovate and be at the forefront of the evolving pet market worldwide. We also ensures that our supply chain has strong ties, to offer the best quality pet food and pet products, available on-demand. Through offering the highest quality pet food at the most affordable price, we stand at the forefront of innovation and product development. 

We strive to turn barriers into opportunities. Trade Wars imposed by China on the U.S have created a filter, and as a European company we have exposed and managed to enter the market in recent years. Innovation is an essential part for the company, as we try and increase both share's and volume when trading. Using our Digital & Product Designer, in the marketing department, we thrive to deliver innovative packaging and unique products for our customers. Through our international export team, we make sure to adapt to new Governmental Legislations and find ways to penetrate new markets, understanding cultural traits and requirements of different countries.


Our mission is to make the world a better place one paw print at a time

Through our sustainability initiatives and local community outreach, Pet Nutrition strives to ensure that all its activities are sustainable-from packaging to production and distribution

Image by Zbynek Burival
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