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What should you do if your dog has fleas?

Discovering that your beloved dog has fleas can be distressing, but it's important to take immediate action to address the issue. Fleas can cause discomfort and health problems for your pet, as well as infest your home. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on what to do when your dog has fleas, including steps to treat your dog, control fleas in your environment, and prevent future infestations.

Confirm the Presence of Fleas: Before proceeding with any treatment, it's crucial to confirm that your dog indeed has fleas. Look out for common signs such as excessive scratching, biting, or licking, tiny black or brown specks (flea dirt) in your dog's fur, or actual sightings of fleas on your dog's skin.


Treat Your Dog: There are several effective methods to treat your dog for fleas:

  • Flea Medications: Your veterinarian may prescribe topical spot-on treatments, oral medications, or flea collars specifically designed for dogs. Follow the instructions carefully when applying or administering the treatment. These medications often kill adult fleas and may also target flea eggs or larvae. You can prevent this altogether by using our Insect Repellant drops available in all major Pet Shops in Malta and on Wolt

  • Flea Shampoos: Bathing your dog with a flea shampoo can help eliminate adult fleas on their coat. Ensure you use a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs and follow the instructions provided. Remember that flea shampoos may not provide long-lasting protection against reinfestation, so additional preventative measures are necessary. At Pet Nutrition House Ltd., we provide our own line of shampoos with the highest quality ingredients – but remember – you should only wash your pup every 4-6 weeks.

When your dog has fleas, taking immediate action is essential to address the problem effectively. By treating your dog, controlling fleas in your home and yard, and implementing preventative measures, you can provide relief for your furry companion and prevent future infestations. Remember, consulting with a veterinarian is crucial for tailored advice and appropriate flea treatment options for your specific dog's needs.

If your pup is in need of a wash or a nail trim, we've also got a grooming parlour at our PetPrinces shop in Luqa.


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