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The complete guide to high value dog treats

Some dog owners believe that a treat is a treat and that dogs appreciate any food reward. In reality, not all treats are equal. If you use high-value rewards when you really need our do to pay attention and play, you will get a much better response to your training techniques.

Prince has a variety of treats to choose from! We know that your pet will enjoy the high-quality meat treat options.

munchies dog treats

What is a dog treat of high value?

When dogs are given the choice between two food options, they will always pick the higher-value option. Low-quality treats typically have a weaker flavour and less calories. Dogs enjoy eating high-value treats because they are very palatable. They will put in a lot of effort and be eager to receive their reward.


When to use High-Value Treats

High-value treats are the best for rewarding positive behavior so that your dog knows when they've done a great job. They are also the ideal training aid.

When teaching your dog a new command, trying to solve a phobia, or dealing with a persistent behavioral issue is a great example of when to use a high-value treat (such as separation anxiety).

Prince Dog Treats

  • Prince Taste of Nature Snacks

  • Prince Munchies

taste of nature dog snacks

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