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How pets help their humans live longer


Did you know that your pets can help you both physically, mentally and emotionally? According to the American Heart Association, having a cat or dog can decrease the risk of heart attacks, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol and make us happier in the long term.

Have you ever noticed that our pets can sense when we’re sad or angry? Through their cuddles, purrs and wagging tails, studies have shown that people are not only healthier and happier- they actually live longer and reduce the amount of hospital visits.

By comparison, dog owners are fitter than non-dog owners due to the fact that they walk their dogs every day and what’s more, they help reduce social anxiety! Walking your dog helps people interact with more humans decreasing cases of depression, loneliness and isolation.

Research has shown that by just interacting with a cat or dog, our happy hormones such as oxytocin spike lowering our stress hormones like cortisol which have long lasting effects in the body. Also- just like toddlers, our fur babies get grimy and dirty from time to time especially when there's a fun puddle to jump in! The germs that we're exposed can ‘favourably alter the gut microbiome of an owner’.

That is why pets have also been introduced in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and retirement villages. Companionship is essential in rehabilitation and medical instances to not only motivate but cheer up patients and their carers.

Our pet food also helps your fur babies live longer! We prioritise high quality meat over grains and pride ourselves on fresh, healthy and nutritious ingredients.


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