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What makes dogs shed?

Many animals shed their hair naturally, and pet hair is a common occurrence in almost every owner's home. Dogs, in particular, are known for shedding, and many dog owners consider the breed and how much they shed before adopting or buying.

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When we take a shower, humans lose a few hairs down the drain, so why do dogs appear to shed so much?

Why do dogs shed?

Shedding occurs in order for new, healthier hair to grow into your dog's coat. Every dog is different hence the amount of shed will vary greatly.

Low-Shedding Dog Breeds

  • Maltese

  • Poodle

  • Bichon Frise

  • Dachshund

  • The majority of terriers

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Even though these breeds shed the least, they generally require more grooming. This is due to the fact that their hair falls out at a slower rate, making them prone to matting.

The following breeds are thought to shed moderately:

  • Dalmatian

  • Coonhound, American English

  • Akita

  • Beagle

  • Chihuahua

  • Rottweiler

  • The majority of Spaniel breeds

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Heavy Shedders
  • Labrador

  • Alaskan Malamute

  • German Shepherd

  • Pomeranian

  • Siberian Husky

  • Pug

Can shedding be avoided?

Shedding cannot be avoided since it is a natural part of your dog's life. Shedding cannot be avoided since it is a natural part of your dog's life. You can effectively manage to reduce the disruption and difficulties while also keeping your dog healthy and happy.

One of the most important things is brushing your dog on a regular basis. Keep their hair healthy and tangle-free by assisting them in shedding the hair. Brush once a day if the dog is moderate to the heavy shredder.

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Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for keeping your pet's coat in good condition and can help to prevent over-shedding, which is common in dogs fed a poor-quality diet. A diet low in grains and fillers is the best food for your dog.


Regular Veterinary Checkups

Excessive shedding can also be caused by medical conditions such as ringworm infestation, skin infection, or cancer. Stress is also a major cause of increased shedding and even in dogs who have recently given birth. Regular visits to your veterinarian are of utmost importance to ensure that any potential health complications are identified and treated before they get worse.


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