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Sustainable Manufacturing - Pet Nutrition House Ltd.

Green Energy – Producing Pet Food

Pet Nutrition House Limited the brand owners of Prince & Princess pet foods are guided by experts to produce pet food more sustainably, maintaining the highest levels of quality and functionality to ensure a holistic lifestyle for our furry pets. Climate action is another important factor, that the company is dedicated to saving the world one bowl at a time. We are not only” Passionate Pet lovers” but also “ Planet lovers “ with social responsibility top on our company agenda.

Our new state-of-the-art Pet Food Manufacturing plant shall be open later this year, producing premium quality dog and cat food. The factory is located in San Gwann, Malta. Thousands of packages of fresh food are prepared, cooked, and stored each week, which requires a lot of energy & consumption.

For us, it is difficult to stay ahead of the challenges we face but with our efforts, we will create a strong renewable energy system by installing 900+ solar panels. They shall be producing 650,000+ KWH generation yearly. This guarantees and ensures that we are minimizing the use of non-renewable energy sources to keep your pet’s food fresh through the use of renewable energy.

This way, we help in making the world cleaner. Not only are we accountable for what we generate, but also for how we produce it. Our produce is nourishment for animals, and this is why it is fundamental that we protect the environment. Today, one of the most pressing and challenging issues is the environmental impact of factories and the reduction of negative impacts. We are energy consumers, and we are pleased to contribute to the global decrease of CO2.

Pet Nutrition House Limited aims to reduce its environmental footprint by switching to recycled or recyclable materials and significantly reducing plastic use. As of 2022, all new products that are being produced under the Prince & Princess brands are made out of 100% recyclable materials.

New Dry Food bags are produced via recycled material that is LDPE. Since 2019 the company has shifted its overall approach by reducing 200,000 kg of plastic yearly by minimizing the single use plastic lids that formed part of our Prince & Princess Classic & excellence ranges (170g & 70g)


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