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Is my cat stressed out?

Cats help us to reduce our stress levels and it's important to remember that they can get upset and stressed too.

Allowing your cat to experience new sensations through play and exposure to the outdoors is an example of reducing stress since it is helpful for keeping a cat engaged and active. Chronic stress, on the other hand, might cause health problems in your cat.

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Changes in your cat's food or sleeping patterns, a loss of energy, or withdrawal are all signs of chronic stress. If you notice any of these signs, consult your vet to eliminate any medical issues.

If your vet believes your cat's anxiety is due to stress, here are some typical causes of chronic cat stress, as well as methods to help manage your cat's anxiety.

Changes in Household:

Have you recently moved to a new house? Or did you rearrange furnishings in your present house? Renovated or repaired your house? Cats are highly sensitive to their surroundings, and frequent changes in the house might make them feel out of control.

What can you do:

Keep your place as tidy and clean as possible. Always ensure that your cat has access to food, drink, and the litter box.

Changes in your social circle

When getting a new pet, make sure you introduce it to your cat properly. A bad introduction can stress your cat even when introducing a new human. Furthermore, the loss of a family member - whether death or a child leaving for school - can have a stressful effect on your cat's social circle.

What you can do:

Since these changes are unavoidable, assist your cat by increasing its daily play and exercise. You can try to leash walk your cat to explore the outdoors. This can be quite beneficial as it can experience a safe change of scenery and a change of people.

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Seasonal and Temperature Changes

Even though your cat lives indoors, it is still aware of the weather, sun, and outdoors. Your cat's stress level can also depend on the seasons and temperature. When humans change to Daylight Savings Time, a cat's internal clock gets out of whack. In Winter provide them with warm blankets to cuddle in.

Make sure your cat has fresh water and cool spaces to relax on hot days. Also, note that most cats do not like the sound of fans and the way the breeze feels on their fur.


Boredom, as well as overstimulation, may be a major issue for cats. Cats' hearing and skin are so sensitive, that excessive noise and touching can lead to discomfort. Too much touching, constant loud music, dogs barking, etc can also lead to more stress.

Be more attentive to your cat's body language. Moreover cats like being stroked and played with, but be aware of your cat's reaction to stroking. If there are any symptoms of unhappiness or discomfort, avoid touching. Don't forget to discuss this with any individuals in your household so they will be aware of this. Keep your TV and music at a suitable volume for your cat when it comes to noise.

Feeding your cat high-quality food such as Princess Premium cat food brings balance to its life. Being aware of the type of pressure and stressful circumstances mentioned above can go a long way toward helping you and your cat have an incredible life together.

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