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Exercise for senior dogs

How to (Safely) Engage Your Senior Companion in Physical Activity

Canines of all ages, even senior dogs, benefit from engaging in dog exercise activities together. If you're thinking about getting your older dog more active or searching for ways to keep active, here are some answers to questions concerning canine fitness for dogs aged 7 and older.

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What makes younger dogs different than younger dogs?

Dogs' metabolism slows down as they age. Their capacity to absorb protein from meals and convert it into proteins in their bodies decreases as well. Furthermore, senior dogs may develop illness issues that limit their senior companion's ability to participate in more intense dog exercise activities.

What Should You Consider Before Starting A New Activity With Your Dog?

Before beginning a new activity, it is vital to consult with your veterinarian to understand your dog's fitness level. Ask your vet to do an orthopedic checkup to test the condition of your dog's knees, hips, and elbows. If your dog needs to improve its fitness level, begin cautiously and gradually until they gain strength and endurance.

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To sustain these activities, senior dogs require the appropriate nutrition. Additionally, it's important to include formulas that have glucosamine and EPA for joint health and mobility. This promotes cognitive health, greater endurance, and brain-supporting nutrients.

What Are Some Safe And Fun Activities For Older Dogs And Their Owners To Do Together?

It is recommended to take your senior dog for regular walks. A short stroll down the street and back help stiff joints and other issues. Taking your dog outside to smell and look around is also helpful for mental stimulation.

Senior canines with a higher level of fitness can go on short walks. Keep an eye on your dog for signs that indicate that they are tired or not feeling well, so you can give them time to rest.

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Swimming is another low-impact aerobic activity that might enhance your dog's joint mobility. If this is a new activity for your dog, start carefully and use a life jacket. This should be used until you know how your dog reacts to the water.

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What Advantages Does An Active Lifestyle Have for Senior Dogs?

Physical exercises for senior dogs have benefits that go beyond health. Taking your dog for a walk around the neighborhood or even a car ride helps your dog's core muscles for balance and a change of scenery occupies them both physically and mentally.


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