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The Prince Weekly - ISSUE #6


Issue #6

Hello Subscriber We welcome you to our weekly newsletter!  You’ll find that it is filled with educational information, helpful hints and tips, events, news and even new products. We want this newsletter to be valuable for you so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. In this week Newsletter we shall be talking of the following:

1. The Lovin Malta Social Media Awards- Best Pet Winner Announced

2. Prince Training Pads


Andrew Cassar Marketing Executive

The Lovin Malta Social Media Awards- Best Pet Winner Announced

Following weeks of anticipation, last week we finally got to know the winners of the Lovin Malta Social Media awards. The Best Pet category, that was sponsored by us- Pet Nutrition, was won by Adrian Zammit two dogs: Goofy & Fido.

Sadly, one of the dogs, Goofy, has passed away and we want to send our condolences to Adrian Zammit. Adrian Zammit accepted the award with a great message to share, to always love animals.

We hope Fido enjoys his bag full of Prince goodies to celebrate the victory!

Prince Training Pads

Rewarding your dog for taking control of toilet habits is an important task when toilet training and one will achieve results quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that dogs like to please.

Having an essential routine is essential for any form of training and by keeping feeding and exercises duties regular, toileting will become regular too. Pets will learn to go outside to use the toilets but training pads help to ease the stress in times of need.

The Prince supergrade training pads absorb up to 3 times more. They are made of Bamboo charcoal that has high porosity to absorb impurities and odours.

They are available in Lavender, Baby Powder and Herbal- that helps to promote calmness. Each package will contain 40 training pads of either 60cm x60cm or 60cm x 90cm.

This product is highly beneficial in the following cases;

- Puppies have poor bladder control and need to urinate every few hours, which can cause a huge problem when one is not available to take them out.

- For Elderly or sick dogs and those suffering from incontinence

- For bitches in season- a great safety deterrent.

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