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The Prince Weekly - ISSUE #5

Updated: May 25, 2020


Issue #5

Hello Subscriber We welcome you to our weekly newsletter!  You’ll find that it is filled with educational information, helpful hints and tips, events, news and even new products. We want this newsletter to be valuable for you so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. In this week Newsletter we shall be talking of the following:

1. Donation to the National Cat Society

2. #WednesdayPetsDay – Lily loving her goody bag

3. Princes & Princess Alaska Salmon Treats


Andrew Cassar Marketing Executive

Donation to the National Cat Society

As part of the RUBS PUPPY LOVE initiative, this month we have visited the National Cat Society (Thomasina) to donate both dry and wet food along with donating a new sign for the sanctuary.

The National Cat Society looks after over 400 cats and kittens, helping to save as many cats as possible from the streets or from being abandoned.


Lily loving her goody bag

In our previous Prince Weekly issue, we discussed how we teamed up with FreeHour Malta to offer a giveaway to the students. As we had already announced, Maya Buttigieg dog, Lily won this giveaway.

We have prepared a lovely bag of goodies for Lily full of a months’ worth of pet food consisting of a mix of dry, wet and snack food. As you can see in the photos below Lily is absolutely loving the goodies she received.

Thank you Maya Buttigieg for the photos!

Prince & Princess Alaska Salmon Treats

The Prince & Princess Grain Free treats are made with the highest quality fish meat that are devoid of any by products, artificial additives, colourants, or fillers.

The natural ingredient has been chosen to guarantee well-being. It is rich in omega 3 to reduce inflammatory responses, strengthen the immune system and improve coat condition.

Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which support the immune system. It may decrease inflammation, and can keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy. Salmon is also a good protein source, in fact, it is a common ingredient in high-quality dog food.

Princess Alaska Salmon Treats:

Prince Alaska Salmon Treats:

To View the whole range of the Prince Alaska Salmon Treats one can visit the following link:

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