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The Prince Weekly - ISSUE #3


Issue #3

Hello Subscriber We welcome you to our weekly newsletter!  You’ll find that it is filled with educational information, helpful hints and tips, events, news and even new products. We want this newsletter to be valuable for you so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. In this week Newsletter we shall be talking of the following:

1. The Benefits of a Grain Free Diet.

2. The Lovin Malta Social Media Awards 2020- Best Pet Category.

3. Protect Your Pet- the best way to clean you dog's paws!

Sincerely, Andrew Cassar Marketing Executive

The Benefits of a Grain Free Diet

  1. Healthier coat: A grain free diet will show the results immediately. With the healthy ingredients that the food contains, in particular omega fatty acids, the coat will immediately look shinier and healthier.

  2. Better Skin: Certain dog food can sometimes result in itchy, dry, inflamed and irritated skin. A grain free diet can work wonders on your dogs’ skin thanks to the lower carbs and Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty acids.

  3. Smaller Stools: The corn and wheat that is usually found in standard dog food contains a lot of fibre, which dogs cannot digest properly. It therefor has to be removed within their stools.

  4. Less Gas: Grains tend to result in bad smelling. Apart from this being nasty, it is also very uncomfortable for the dog. Grain Free dog food helps to reduce gas and thus should there be a bigger problem one can tell easily.

  5. Better Breath: A film is usually left over a dog’s teeth when eating grains. This is the result of more bacteria than usual in a dog’s mouth. This can be washed away through saliva and water; however, these bacteria can still cause a terrible stink.

  6. Fewer Allergies: Certain dogs can sometimes be allergic to grains. This can result in an itchy skin caused by the immune system working too hard.

  7. More Energy: Processed food has a lot of fiber stripped away. Dogs use up the energy that’s in the food much more quickly. When given Grain Free food, the dog will burn the energy over a longer period of time.

  8. Great for pregnant dogs; When pregnant, a dog has to receive the required nutrients for oneself and for the puppies that she is carrying. Giving your dog more food will not work. A Grain Free Diet will give the dog and puppies more energy and can stay healthy both before and after birth.

The Lovin Malta Social Media Awards- Best Pet

The hottest online award show has landed this month. On the 16th of April, the Lovin Malta have launched the Lovin Malta Social Media Awards for the second year. We are pleased to be sponsoring the Best Pet Category. Between the 16th and 21st of April, people had the opportunity to nominate whoever they wished. In less than a week, over 25,000 nominations were submitted and shortly the shortlisted nominees will be announced.

We wish all those beautiful pets on social media the best of luck.

Stay tuned on the Lovin Malta Social Media Platforms to know more about any updates regarding this great award show!

Event Link:

Protect Your Pet – the best way to clean your dog’s paws!

In our last Prince Weekly issue, we have discussed the importance of our Prince Bacterial Clean. This week we have decided to prepare a short video to show you the best way how to clean your dog’s paws using the Prince Bacterial Clean.

Check out the Prince Bacterial Clean - Anti-Allergenic Formula that protects pets and surfaces from bacteria. Mixing with warm water, perfectly combining elements to disinfect pet paws without causing any damage or burns on their skin.

The Formula also repels bugs and is ideal for pets that suffer from contact allergy, it prevents dermatitis and pyoderma problems as it is free of high concentrations of quaternary ammonium salts, ammonia, bleach and other components and the caustic elements that maybe harmful when in contact with coat and eyes.

Check out the video below to learn more!

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