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The Prince Weekly - ISSUE #2


Issue #2

Hello Subscriber We welcome you to our weekly newsletter!  You’ll find that it is filled with educational information, helpful hints and tips, events, news and even new prod  We want this newsletter to be valuable for you so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. In this week News Letter we shall be talking of the following

  1. Prince & Princess the Maltese Local Brand

  2. 2000kg of Dry Food Donation

Sincerely, Andrew Cassar Marketing Executive

Did you know that Prince & Princess is actually a local brand?

Launched in 2010, the Maltese Brand started focusing on producing healthy diets with genuine ingredients to make sure that all fury pets would thrive a healthy lifestyle.

Prince & Princess will continue to strive hard to bring new and intriguing ideas to the pet world.

We are indeed pet lovers and pet’s health is always our main priority, thus why we focus on providing a genuine nutrition without any junk.

As a Maltese Brand, we are also succeeding in making an international name, with our brand being exported to different countries all around the globe.

#chooselocal #chooseprince #chooseprincessCheck it out!


An act of Kindness to brighten up the recent days!

Covid-19 has changed the lives of many, and in some way or another we are all struggling to adapt to the situation. Animal Sanctuaries are also doing so. The needs for pet food, blankets and all the things that animals require are growing every day!

Igor Samardziski, has contacted us last week asking us to make a donation. Initially his donation was only meant to be of 30 sacks of food. He asked his friends, who wanted to also help out and the following morning he woke up with €1000 in his Revolut account.

He managed to raise over 2000 Kilos of pet food in less than 48 hours! What a great amount of food. From our end, we offered him the food at cost price along with a free delivery. The donations are going to be split over to two different animal sanctuaries: Noah’s ARK & the Association of Abandoned Animals.

What a fantastic act of kindness this was from behalf of Igor and his friends and we were more than happy to help! Keep it up guys.

Lovin Malta have also covered this great story on their site check it out!


Pets, are not considered as carriers of the virus, however as like any other object, the virus can attach itself to the surface of our beloved furry friends. The Prince Bacterial Clean is perfect as it is free of high concentrations of Quaternary ammonium salts, ammonia, bleach and other components and the caustic elements that maybe harmful when in contact with coat and eyes. Bacterial Clean 😺🐶 Ideal for pets that suffer from contact allergies! Learn more ➡️ Available in all Pet Shops across Malta & Gozo 🇲🇹👑

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