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Taking care of your senior cat

Cats are considered seniors once they reach the age of ten, and while they still require the same level of care and attention as younger cats, their requirements will be different.

Here are some helpful points to look after your senior cat:

Visiting the veterinarian regularly

At least once a year, a healthy cat should see a veterinarian. Make sure your vet checks your cat's weight as well. Cats who are overweight are more prone to suffer from diseases, whereas weight loss indicates that there are underlying issues that need to be treated.

taking cat to vet

The Nutritional Needs of Your Cat

Make sure the food you're giving your cat is suitable for its needs. Older cats aren't energetic as they once were, hence, they require less calories. Cats also require specific nutrients that can only be obtained from animal sources. Furthermore, their bodies require more protein weight for weight than dogs.

cat food

Consider giving your cat joint supplements

There might be an indication of arthritis some underlying illness is slowing down. Supplements containing glucosamine, such as joint aids for cats, can help support healthy joints and improve mobility.

cat supplements

Take care of your cat’s teeth

Consult your veterinarian for recommendations on brushing your cat's teeth, or look into cat dental treats. When a cat experiences dental disease, it can be painful, and it affects your cat’s ability to eat. This can have a negative impact on the cat’s wellbeing.

cat teeth

Create a comfortable and relaxed environment

The food, water, and litter should be within easy reach, especially for cats with limited mobility. Make sure you have comfy bedding and a safe place to sleep.

Coping with boredom

Keep your cats entertained by providing toys. Older cats like toys as well and spend time outdoors. This will also help you to manage your cat’s weight and keep your cat’s joints and muscles healthy.

Spend time together

Your cat benefits when you set aside some time to interact. Self-grooming may be difficult for older cats as their flexibility and mobility decrease. Ideally, cat owners can do a gentle brushing session.


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