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Every month, we do our utmost to give a good quantity of food to animal shelters around Malta. Pet Nutrition House donated €2000 worth of dog food to The Island Sanctuary.

This sanctuary has been serving the needs of stray and abandoned dogs in Malta for more than 30 years. It takes a lot of funds to care for all the animals in a shelter, and as you would expect, supplies run out soon.

At the moment, the sanctuary takes care of around 60 dogs and volunteers are entrusted with the hard challenge of caring for stray animals. Animals bond with humans and offer love, loyalty, and even protection. However, they are sometimes the ones that need our protection.

For this reason, we must raise funds for their food and medical expenses. Every donation ensures that the dogs' basic needs are met and that they have a safe place to sleep. At Pet Nutrition, we want every pet, regardless of whether it is at a shelter or in a family home, it deserves love and food that supports the demands of their health.

Through our donations, we hope that we enrich the lives of these animals.

If you want to contribute financially:

Revolut: 00 356 79048680

Mobile Donations:

Send a blank message on the numbers shown below:

50617368 – € 2.33

50618082 – € 4.66

50618935 – € 6.99


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