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Getting through Social Distancing with our pets

The current situation that the entire world is facing is nothing we could have ever been prepared for. It feels like only yesterday we were attending social events and hanging out together not worried that such a virus would have an effect on our lifestyle.

The Corona Virus, has made it crucial and in certain countries even mandatory to practice social distancing and avoid having contact with other people such as through social events and public spaces.

Covid-19 has brought with it a whole lot of challenges for everyone to face. We all had to change our daily lifestyle and adapt ourselves to the current situation. The majority of us started working remotely from home, and we are barely going out unless for necessity shopping.

It is however very important not to forget that just how this is effecting us, our pets are also being affected. They are not used to having everyone around at home all the time and whilst this can be a dream come true to some, it can also result in our pets feeling bored, restless, confused and unsettled.

As pet owners it is our responsibility to ensure that we enrich the lives of our pets during this stressful times and try to help them get through this time without any problems.

  1. Create a daily routine.

By creating a daily routine, you are giving your pet a comforting structure. If your daily routine, like that of many, was disrupted by the recent safety guidelines, one can establish a new one.

One can for example create a specific playtime, like for example before starting teleworking and during lunch time. From our end it’s important to stick to the schedule as best as we can.

2. Extra-Stimulating pet toys For those that live in small apartments and have active animals, they should utilize more stimulating pet toys. These pets that tend to go running outside, find it hard in such situations to find entertainment indoors. Thus one should give their pet attention grabbing toys.

3. Stock up on Pet required products Whilst stocking up food and essential things for us was an important thing for us to do, we must not forget to stock up on pet food, medicines and other pet required products for at least two weeks.

As for cat owners, they should also stock on cat litter and indoor amusements such as scratching posts or cat nips.

4. Stick to your pet’s regular feeding schedule Staying at home more, can seem like a good opportunity to feed your pets more food than usual throughout the day. However, it is very important that we do not adopt anything temporarily, that we do not plan to take on for the long run. If your pet gets used to a new schedule, it will then become more difficult to switch back when this is over and we stop working from home.

It is also important to remember that if we are using treats and frozen food as a distraction, we need to take all the extra calories into account and help to prevent excessive weight gain as this can eventually result in heath complications.

5. Add additional exercise to your pet’s day Due to social distancing, for now we cannot have the usual playtime at the park, thus our pets will have more energy that they need to burn out.

If possible one can either take the pet to play in the yard or else go for a quick walk around the neighborhood, obviously avoiding crowded places. This will make sure that during this time, both you and your pet will remain physically active.

For energetic cats, using toys that encourage running around will help to burn out more energy.

6. Keeping home environment as peaceful as possible. Many families, are spending all their time at home, thus more than usual our houses are being full all the time and our pets are not used to this particular on a daily basis. If possible one should try and keep to a minimum unnecessary sounds and voices as this can agitate our pets.

7. Rewarding good behavior. In such times, one should remember to reward our pets for their good behavior, either by giving some treats or else a belly rub. If your pet is behaving as you wish he does, rewarding him will result in him knowing that that is the right way to act in certain moments such as when working from home. Rewarding their good behavior is more effective then using treats to distract them from bad behavior.

Conclusion: Let us know how your experience in social distancing along with your pet is going. We understand that times are hard and the situation can be extremely difficult, however remember, you are not alone and we will get through this together. Our pets can be our companions in this difficult time and they can help brighten our days, especially those that are currently spending time alone.

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