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Summer ice creams for dogs

Your dog is going to LOVE you for making this ice cream treat! The weather is getting warmer, and an ice cream treat will cool them down this Summer.

dog ice cream

When the temperature rises outside, your dog may easily get heatstroke and this is one of the many summer hazards. Dog treats that are chilled or frozen are a pleasant surprise for your dog. They will not only keep your dog cool, but they will also keep them entertained when it is cooped up inside.

Our Prince Ice Doggy is meticulously handcrafted with 100 percent natural ingredients! You don't have to worry whether your dog's digestive system can handle the new food. It is lactose-free and it doesn't contain any sugar, additives, or artificial colorants.

This is a healthy, cold treat idea that your dog will enjoy.

What you need:

- Prince Ice Doggy

- Bananas

- Crackers or dog biscuits.

- Honey


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