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Food allergies in dogs: what you need to know

If your dog has an allergy, you've certainly observed symptoms like itching, ear infections, and skin infections. Fleas, environmental allergens like grass or pollen, and food allergens are all major causes of allergies in dogs. It's important to understand the facts while looking for the finest dog food.

Remember to visit your veterinarian if your dog begins to show signs of sensitivity or dog food allergy symptoms such as itchy skin or digestive problems.

Causes of Food Allergies

Dogs are allergic to a specific protein found in food. At any time in their lives, they can be allergic to any protein. Dairy, beef, and chicken are the most common allergens present in food.

Corn allergies are present in some food due to the low protein content in corn since this sensitivity is very uncommon.

Food Allergy Diagnosis

If you feel your dog has an allergy, speak with your veterinarian. Pet owners can perform a skin or blood test to check for environmental allergies and a diet trial for food allergies.

These tests aren’t always accurate, and they need a lot of client compliance and interpretation from your veterinarian.

If your dog is on a good quality flea prevention, the next step is to differentiate between dietary and environmental allergies. Normally, this begins with an elimination food trial, to check what the dog is allergic to.

Food Allergy Treatment

If your dog develops an allergy, your veterinarian might suggest that you put him on an elimination diet to isolate and pinpoint the source of the allergy. If your vet recommends this type of food, make sure you follow his or her recommendations. Food trials can last 2-3 months.

It's important to treat skin and ear infections and manage clinical signs. In the treatment of secondary skin infections and environmental allergies, Antihistamines, steroids, antibiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and other newer immune-altering drugs are commonly used.

Feeding your dogs to keep them happy and healthy

If your veterinarian concludes that your dog's allergies are caused by the environment rather than food, you may turn to our premium dog food to find the perfect food with nutritional benefits for your dog.


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