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10 Interesting Facts About Cats

Get to Know Your Cat Better.

1. A cat's first year of life is equivalent to a human's first 15 years of life in terms of development. A cat is 25 human years after its second year. The remaining years of a cat's life are about equivalent to seven human years.

woman with cats

2. Cats' ears can turn 180 degrees.

cat ears

3. Average cats have ears that are at least five times more sensitive than an adult human's hearing.

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4. The average male of the largest cat breed weighs around 20 pounds.


5. About 70% of the time that domestic cats are awake is spent napping. Additionally, 15% of the day is spent grooming.

cats sleeping

6. Some people think that having a dream about a white cat can bring you luck.

cat food

7. Direct vision under a cat's nose is not possible.

cat toy

8. Eyelashes are uncommon in cats.

cat hug

9. The front paws of cats have five toes each, but the back paws have only four. Cats with extra toes are not uncommon, though.

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10. Meows were created by cats to communicate with humans; they are not part of their natural language.

cat eating


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