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Peanut Butter Benefits

Dogs adore this snack and you might be wondering if your cat can eat peanut butter since it's a common treat for dogs. The short answer is yes—cats can eat peanut butter.

But before you give your cat a spoonful, there are other questions to consider. Peanut butter is like some human foods and is safe to consume in moderation. Think of it like a treat. Cats are carnivores, so they must consume meat to remain healthy.


  • Probiotics may inhabit and colonize your pet’s gut, restricting room for pathogenic bacteria and yeast to grow.

  • May support the immune system.

  • May aid digestion.

  • May eliminate toxins from the body may promote nutrients

  • May reduce allergic reactions

  • May support skin health

  • May positively influence mood and stress-related behaviours.

  • May reduce gastrointestinal issues.

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