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What are the Benefits of Prince Chunky Feast?

Human diets have undergone a healthy transition. Everyone understands the benefits of eating fresh food, but what about our dogs? Many of our dogs continue to eat risky diets full of ingredients we can't even pronounce.

Benefits of Prince Chunky Feast:

  • 50% Fresh Meat

  • Best Cuts of human food


Prince Chunky feast contains a high level of Omega 3 and Omega 6 which guarantees the perfect shiny healthy coat.

Omega 3 is beneficial to support dogs with arthritis by reducing inflammation and brain development of puppies. This can also boost heart and kidney health. Omega 6 is beneficial for the dog's cell membrane structure and cell function.

Other Benefits:

  • Ideal for small dogs

  • No fillers

  • Perfect for dogs that suffer from allergies

  • Highly digestible

  • Ideal for dogs that are overweight

  • High palatability

  • No artificial colorants or additives

  • Food prevents problems with mobility and arthritis.


You can always feed 1 tin per day and blend it together with Prince Taste of Nature dry food. This is beneficial since it contains protein which helps with muscle growth.

Chunky feast is formulated for small dogs and it will surely keep your pet in perfect shape.


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