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Human-grade meat: Why is it better?

This is a new generation of health-conscious pet parents who are looking for higher-quality diets for their pets. While pet owners are free to purchase what they believe is best for their pets, they should be aware of definitions and risks.

In recent years, more consumers have now prioritized natural diets and they try to find food that contains clean ingredients, made with organic goods. Very few pet food products could be formally classified as human-grade or edible by humans.

Human grade does not imply that a product is made for human use or that it is healthy for both people and animals. This means that every ingredient must be handled and processed in a way that is consistent with foods that will ultimately be served to humans.

Pet Nutrition House Ltd. offers, human-grade dog food with recipes that include real chicken, beef, turkey, or lamb, etc as the primary ingredient tailored to satisfy your pet's nutritional needs. Other ingredients are also included for instance vegetables.

The safety of your dog's food is our main priority, and we formulate our dog foods based on their nutritional value for your dog.

What are Meat & Animal Derivatives and why do we avoid them?

Animal by-products or “meat and animal derivatives” are ingredients that come from animals that are slaughtered under a veterinarian's supervision. Meat and animal products left over from the human food chain are used to make pet food.

This may consist of various types of meat as well as organs like the liver, kidney, and lungs, but only comes from animals that have been considered appropriate for human consumption. Even though organs like the liver and kidneys may contain more vitamin B2 (riboflavin) than lean meat, the fact remains that when an ingredient is not specifically listed, you cannot be sure if it is present or how much it contains.


Meat and animal derivatives should be avoided as much as possible if your dog is prone to food allergies, intolerances, or has a sensitive stomach. When something is labeled as beef, it actually is beef—not offal, lungs, bones, or hooves. It is beef, lamb, hog, chicken, turkey, etc. of human-grade quality.

A meat concentration that has been freshly prepared is much superior to meat and animal derivatives, and it is also more like giving fresh meat than a meat meal.

With fresh dog food, you are giving your pet a meal that is both nutritious and simple to digest. Smaller and fewer stools result from food that is easy for dogs to digest, but more significantly, a happy and healthier dog.

Greater accessibility of nutrients and a higher rate of gastrointestinal absorption are both related to improved digestibility. However, using fresh food as a meal or simply a topping has a number of advantages. You are satisfied that your dog is consuming wholesome food that gives them the nourishment they require to live their best possible lives.

At Pet Nutrition House Limited, food quality, safety, and transparency are important factors in our business. We want to provide the best nourishment from trusted sources and we want to take great pride in introducing our goods to pet owners and their furry friends.


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