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How to socialize with cats

1. Research and Share

It is essential to do research so that everyone understands the commitment required to care for an animal.

Share the information you find with your children, and pick up any pet-related children's books so they are well-versed in the responsibilities of cat ownership.

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2. Clearly define the rules and boundaries

Establish ground rules immediately - for both the kitten and the children so that everyone is on the same track and knows what's expected. This depends on the child's age. Children under the age of 6 should not be left alone with a new kitten. At this age, children need guidance whilst older children should show how to be gentle with cats.


4. Take things slow

Your kitten will be less stressed if it is given the opportunity to familiar with the new environment - and a new household. Make it clear to your children that the family's new pet will take some time to settle before becoming a playmate.

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5. Be Responsible

Make sure that your children understand that a pet is not just a playmate. This living thing needs attention therefore, one needs to demonstrate this whilst being monitored by an adult.

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Try to involve your child for example assisting with providing fresh water and food. Other responsibilities can include making sure the kitten's bedding is clean and that toys are available at all times.


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