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How to Keep Senior Dogs Healthy & Active

It's easy to believe that the changes senior dogs go through are inevitable. Over-seven-year-old dogs may slow down, sleep more, play less, and develop other signs of aging. However, older dogs who get more exercise, mental stimulation, and properly formulated nourishment can avoid some of the cognitive and physical changes that occur with aging.

Introduce new activities and toys

A new toy is not only enjoyable and stimulating for a senior dog; it may also provide mental stimulation and encourage engagement.

Discover new locations.

The new experience of taking your dog to a new area for instance a walk in a dog park can help your dog's mental stimulation.

Meet new canines.

Socializing with other dogs will keep your dog in a healthy state of mind, as long as they don't show any signs of nervousness or aggression.

Learn new skills.

You can actually teach your senior dog new tricks. Your dog's intelligence will be put to the test when you ask him or her to learn a new command.

Time & Focus.

Your dog requires the same level of love and care as when they were puppies. You can both enjoy the years you have together when you give your dog the time and attention they need.

Feed great nutrition.

Our Prince formulas are designed to support mental sharpness and alertness. It also produces noticeable improvements.

Visit your veterinarian regularly

The greatest person to turn to for advice on keeping your dog healthy is your vet. You might want to think about scheduling more frequent veterinary visits for your dog as they age.


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