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Swimming safely with your dog

To beat the Summer heat, many dogs enjoy heading to the beach. Water exercise for dogs may keep your pet busy and cool throughout the hot summer months.

dog swimming

If you have a dog who enjoys swimming, use these tips to keep them safe this summer.

Begin Shallow

Some breeds are natural aquatic athletes that adore the water, but others are not. If you're not sure how your dog will react to water, start them in a safe place where you have greater control, such as a pool.

You should be able to tell if your dog is having fun by their reaction to water.

Keep an eye out for symptoms of tension; if your dog runs to the beach or attempts to get out of the pool, don't push them to stay.

Provide Swimming Assistance

Contrary to popular opinion, even dogs who enjoy swimming may not know how to dog paddle intuitively. If you find your dog trying to swim or only paddling with their front paws, get in and aid support their rear legs. This will provide them with the stability they require to learn to paddle with all four paws.

Consider utilizing a dog life jacket and leash until your dog is an experienced swimmer to keep them safe while they develop their abilities and confidence.

Also, make sure your dog can easily enter and exit the water.

Ensure Your Dog Has Enough Energy to Swim

Dogs that are athletic may also overexert themselves in the water. If this happens to your dog, it may panic and attempt to jump onto anything (or anybody) to reach dry land.

Keep a flotation device accessible to toss to your dog before swimming out to aid them for your own safety as well as theirs.

dog on beach

Swimming is a great kind of exercise for dogs, but it may rapidly tire them out.

If your dog will be spending time in the water this summer, look into the best food for active dogs. We have a selection of dry food for active dogs where they have an optimum protein-to-fat ratio. This meets their metabolic demands, as well as amino acids to nourish muscles, even after exercise.

No matter which formula you choose, maintain feedings a few hours before or after activity to provide your dog's body time to absorb and utilize nutrients.

Sun protection for your pet

When your dog stays in the water for a long time, it will be staying in the sun.

To prevent your dog from overexposure, provide them with a shady location to rest and fresh drinking water.

dog in sea

You may make water exercise for dogs one of the safe and pleasurable summer activities you do with your dog if you follow these suggestions.


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