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Does my cat have allergies?

Allergies and Cats

Is your cat allergic to something? Have you noticed your cat sneezing or showing any other signs of irritation? It could be reacting to its diet or its surroundings.

What Causes allergies in cats?

Environmental, food, and flea allergies are the three main forms of allergies that cats can develop. These allergy categories contain the following substances:

  • Pollen, grass, plants, mold, and mildew are examples of organic substances.

  • Requirements for each life stage

  • Chemically based cat litters

  • Materials such as fabric, rubber, and plastic

  • Perfume

  • Food

  • Fleas and anti-flea products

Contaminants in the Environment

Allergies in cats can be caused by environmental pollutants such as dust and mold. If your cat is sneezing frequently over a period of days, take it to the veterinarian for a checkup. .

Allergies to foods

Allergies can also be caused by food, however, diagnosing them takes time. To identify if a cat has a food allergy, vets usually place it on a food elimination diet. That implies the cat will be on a specific hypoallergenic diet for eight to ten weeks. If its clinical symptoms improve while it's following a hypoallergenic diet, your cat has to take its normal diet.


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