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Having a picky eater is exhausting, and if you exclude any unusual eating habits, dental problems, or a loss of appetite, there are some things to get a picky eater back on track.

Cats are behavioural eaters; they are very selective. Most cats prefer to eat what they ate as kittens, and exposing them to meals with various textures, aromas, and flavours can be challenging if they haven't been exposed to them previously.

When dogs are picky, it usually comes from the breed or their personality. If your dog isn't rewarded with food, it may develop a pick eating behaviour. A dog might become a picky eater if they are exposed to goodies and table leftovers too regularly. Rather than eating what is beneficial for them, they are drawn to the treats that are served on the table.

Best tips to get your dog or cat's eating habits back on track.

Make a Schedule

Stick to the same feeding schedule for your pet every day. Always give snacks or other meals at the scheduled time, so that your pet understands it has few options for meals.

Walk Away

Walk away after serving your pet's food. Looking at your pet while they eat may make it feel intimidating. Give your pet the space to eat confidently and calmly.

Use wet food to encourage them

If your dog likes the combination of dry food and wet food, you can incorporate Prince Taste of Nature Pouches as a topper. To entice a picky eater, one can always include their pet's favourite into their meal.

Use Puzzle Toys

Make mealtimes more enjoyable by playing a game. Your pet is a natural hunter, and a puzzle toy will not only keep them occupied but will also make the prize of solving it (their food) so much more satisfying.

Make sure everything is Fresh

Check the dates on your pet's food packaging to make sure it's still fresh and safe to eat. Your cat or dog, just like humans, does not want to eat when they are unwell.

Provide real food

Prince and Princess’s foods are what your pet needs and craves. Our pet food contains fresh meat, organic produce, and much more. You may change your pet's diet to include a variety of proteins, to keep it interesting and prevent them from developing an allergy. Check out our selection of nutritious pet food.


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