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Signs of a healthy cat

Do you know how to tell whether or not your cat is in good health? Healthy cat food with the right nutrients will help your cat stay healthy, but it's only one factor to consider when it comes to overall cat health.

Your veterinarian can assist you with check-ups and whenever you have a specific concern about your cat's health, but here is a checklist to help you obtain a general idea of its health:

Healthy Digestive System

Keep an eye on your cat's litter box for little, firm stools. That means your cat is absorbing the nutrients in its diet. Your cat should feel completely comfortable using the litter box and not going to the bathroom elsewhere. Consult your vet if your cat refuses to use the litter box. Moreover, you can also provide your cat with food for sensitive stomachs.


Bright and clear eyes are a sign of a healthy cat. Cloudy pupils and any discharge around their eyes are signs of larger problems hence, immediately consult a veterinarian about it.

Skin & Coat

The skin and coat of your cat are vital to its general health. A healthy cat has smooth hair, that's rich in colour and free of flakes and mats.

Healthy Energy

Does your cat spend a lot of the time being active and playful? If your cat has a lot of energy, it's a sign of strong general health.

Clean teeth

Tartar and plaque are not found on the teeth of healthy cats. Look at your cat's back teeth to see whether it's developing problems. There should be no unusual yellowing or darkening there. Your cat's gums should be bright pink, and its breath should be pleasant.


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