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3 ways to help stray cats

Today, we can find many "community cats" in many neighborhoods. In Winter, pet lovers tend to be concerned about these homeless animals, especially when we have a cold and bad weather.

Here are three ways how you can keep these cats safe and comfortable during Winter.

Most community cats are adapted to living outside thrived in all varieties of locations, weather conditions, and climates.


One can make a shelter easily by using household materials, or a plastic storage container. Ensure that containers are not too big and well-insulated since the heat gets dispersed quickly. You can always try and keep cats safe from predators by cutting a hole in their shelter that is big enough for cats to enter.

Place the shelter next to their feeding station so that they do not have to walk far to eat. Make sure your shelter is still safe and pleasant for community cats by checking on it on a regular basis.

cat kennel


To prevent water from freezing, use a dark-colored water bowl with deep, thick walls. You may need to check your water sources frequently, and one can also consider getting a heated bowl.

cat water bowl


Normally, stray cats hunt for food, but they still depend on cat feeders to combat hunger.

Thank you to all the cat feeders for caring about the cats in our neighborhoods! We admire your kind and compassionate heart, and we're sure they do as well.

cat classic complete meal


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