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1. Walk in front of your dog

Your dog should always walk next to you or behind you. To him, the person in front of him is the pack's leader. On the other hand, if he walks ahead of you and leads you, he is the pack's leader. Always make sure that you are walking in front.

2. Use a short leash

This usually depends on your dog's breed. Using a short leash is recommended to have better control over your dog. To communicate better, attach the leash to the very top of the neck.

3. During the walk, give your dog a treat.

When your dog starts to behave and stays on track, reward him with treats and let him move around freely. After that, you can decide when the rewarding time is over. Your dog will understand more commands with this technique.

4. Be a responsible dog walker

Remember to have poop bags with you every time you go dog walking so you can clean after your dog. Dogs tend to relieve themselves when they are outside, hence it is important to bring a bag.

5. Meet your dog's walking necessities.

Dogs should be stimulated to exercise through walking. A bored dog will often become destructive and bark excessively. Dogs' exercise requirements differ based on their breed. Find out what kind of exercise your dog's breed requires and do your best to match their demands.


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