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ANTI COVID-19 Bacterial Clean

The recent outbreak of the covid-19 all around the globe has drastically changed our ways of living. We have become more aware of how important it is to constantly and carefully wash our hands, avoiding physical contact and constantly cleaning things that might have bacteria attached to them.

Pets, are not considered as carriers of the virus, however as like any other object, the virus can attach itself to the surface of our beloved furry friends. One of the Prince Products is the PRINCE Bacterial Clean. This product can help to clean the paws of our pets and ensure that no bacteria is entered in our household. 

The PRINCE Bacterial Clean, comes in 3 different scents;

1. Citrus (Limes, Lemons and Oranges)

2. White Musk ( Long Lasting Aroma)

3. Rose Flower (Scented Garden)

This product is ideal for pets that suffer from Contact Allergies. It prevents dermatitis and pyoderma problems. It is free of high concentrations of Quaternary ammonium salts, ammonia, bleach, and other components and the caustic elements that may be harmful when in contact with coat and eyes. 

The Prince Bacterial Clean is highly concentrated and can be used sparingly. It will clean and sanitize all types of flooring (terracotta, granite, marble, waxed wood) and pets bedding, dens, grooming tables and more. 

This product is ideal for this time, it can be applied on the pets paws to ensure that they are free from any bacteria especially if you are taking your pet outside for walks. 

The PRINCE Bacterial Clean will help you protect your pets and your home and will help you stay safer during this particular time! 

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