How to order: 

Option 1:

Fill out this Text Form Below and submit order.


Option 2:

Send your Order by email:

Important to include:

Full Name & Surname
Email Address
Phone Number
Delivery Address

Option 3:

Get in Touch! 

Contact us directly by phone or on Facebook Messenger. 

Orders usually take around 4-6 working days from order date. However we shall be contacting you upon each and every order to confirm delivery date.

It is essential that address is written in full and matches data from google. If not please share location with us via link.

All Payments have to be done by either revolut or cheque. 

Cheques to be payed to Pet Nutrition House Ltd.

Revolut payments must be bank transferred through the revolut app - 

Easy steps to pay by Revolut:

  1. Open the Revolut Application

  2. Select Payments (Marked with the orange Box)

  3. Select Bank Transfer from the top scroll menu (Marked with the orange Box)

  4. Select + Add Bank Account

  5. On the next screen, Choose Transfer Type, select To a business (as per below)

  6. Choose Country and currency – Malta ; Euro.

  7. On the next screen, fill in details as Follows:

Company name:   Pet Nutrition House Ltd
BAN:                     MT65 MMEB 4427 7000 0000 2713 2323 001

  • Select Add beneficiary

  • Authorize Payee (will ask for your pin or biometric authorization [Face ID or fingerprint])

  • From the Bank Accounts, select Payee – Pet Nutrition House Ltd

  • Fill in due amount and reference of invoice/cash sale (if provided)

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