Why Feed Cold-Pressed Food?

We all have one thing in common. We love our dogs. 


They are our best furiends after all.  But whether you’ve been using the same dog food for years and everything seems ok or you have concerns about their diet, at some point or another, you’ll find yourself wondering whether you should change to another dog food.


And well…. you’ve just heard about this cold compressed dog food that’s meant to be amazing for your dog. It’s def time to change then, isn’t it!?!?

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Even when everything seems ok, we still question whether we are doing the best thing for our dogs. More than anything we want to ensure they are healthy and when it seems like there is a new dog food appearing every day, it does make it difficult to know what to do.

But if we stick with the facts, cold compressed dog food is still relatively unknown amongst dog owners. If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you’re doing your research before you make the jump or switch to cold-pressed Food.

What is Cold Compressed Dog Food?

This Form of kibble is manufactured through ‘extrusion’.  It involves cooking the food at very high, extreme temperatures.  This tends to be well in excess of 100 °C.  It is then Cold-Pressed with water at a very quick lower temperature without steam to create a glazed kibble. 

Benefits of Cold Compressed Dog Food?

#1 Lower temperatures = More Nutrients

By cooking at a lower temperature, more nutrients, oils and natural flavour remains intact. Yep!   All those natural enzymes, vitamins and fibre remain intact. If we’ve spent the time sourcing a food which has great ingredients, then the more nutrients that are left intact during cooking the better.

#2  More practical than raw food

Cold compressed dog food can be a real option, as raw food’s next natural substitute.  Particularly helpful if you are planning holidays or travel where raw food is not an option to either transport or store.


#3 Can be softened for smaller dogs and puppies


If you are worried about the appearance that the food is ‘hard’, you have the option to soak with warm water pre-feeding.  Great for puppies and smaller dogs.


#4 Easier to digest than standard kibble


The biggest benefit, is that the food dissolves from the outside in, meaning it doesn’t expand once digested. This also makes it way more easy for dogs to digest too!  It really is fantastic for those dogs who may be a little more sensitive but also ensure they get the goodness from their meals quicker while avoiding bloating. 

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Using the finest ingredients, this formula is recommended for Adults & Puppies ranging from small to large. The Formula is focused on high energy focused dogs that burn a lot of energy with physical activity. 70% Animal protein is full of nutritional nutrients that allows the body to function and respond greater to the nutrients that is being attained through this formula. 

30% Protein 

22% FAT 


23% Protein 

16% FAT 


28% Protein 

22% FAT