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Guided by experts, we are confident in supporting the demands of pet health and nutrition by keeping ingredients fresh, natural, honest and transparent. At Pet Princes we care and our aim is to always go the extra mile to ensure that foods remain unique to our belief.

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Daniela Farrugia

Animal Lover & Influencer

Owner of 4 Beautiful dogs who are nourished by Prince Taste of Nature Dry Foods & Wet Foods.

Janica Farrugia

Animal Activist

Animal lover and Owner of 2 Dogs & over 30+ Rescued cats. Nourished on Prince & Princess Formulas.

Gerson Orsini

Haus Von Sparta Kennels

Champion Bloodlines nourished with Prince Ultra Premium Formulas. Competing in various Dog Shows with excellent results.

Yazmin Helledie

Brand Ambassador

Owner of a fantastic Maltese dog with a mood for food! Nourished on Prince Lifestyle Diet and Premium Dry Foods!

Justin Parnis


Breeder of both Ragdolls and French Bulldogs. Nourished on Raw Diets and Ultra Premium Formulas.

Jean-Luc Micallef

Brand Ambassador

Since day 1, Jean-Luc has been feeding his 2 beautiful Weimaraners Prince Ultra Premium Dry Foods and Wet Foods Formulas.


PRINCE PREMIUM ‘grain free’ dry are carefully prepared Dry foods packed full of goodness with specialised natural ingredients formulated to the highest possible standards.


There is nothing to hide and every effort has been made to list the full ingredients and detailing the benefits of promoting good health, inside-out.



Specialised meats such as buffalo and Reindeer add impact to the health benefits through low-fat vitamins that are vital to generating healthy body cells. Thus this is a key enzyme for energy production and metabolism.

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