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Your Pet's Best Friend

Your Pet's Best Friend

Pet Nutrition House Ltd. is the only Maltese company specialized in pet food sold in over 85 countries worldwide. A wide range of pet products are sold besides pet food including snacks, supplements, and accessories under the Prince and Princess brands. By keeping our pet food ingredients fresh, natural, honest and transparent, our aim is to always go the extra mile to ensure that you're buying the best quality pet food at the most affordable price in the market.

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Highest quality pet food at the lowest price

Prince Taste of Nature pet food

Pet Nutrition House Ltd. was created by Matthew Wismayer- a Nutritionist by trade, his love of his pets inspired him to create a brand of pet food with fresh, natural and top quality ingredients. With over 800 products, our Prince & Princess brands feed cats & dogs from all over the world. Pet Nutrition House Ltd. also offers private label pet food and customized pet food to fit your needs. 

Pet Nutrition House Ltd. currently has 2 pet shops in Malta - one in San Gwann and another in Luqa where we also provide pet grooming and pet training services. Pet Nutrition House Ltd. also sells Prince and Princess Pet Food to all leading pet shops and supermarkets in Malta and Gozo.



Daniela Farrugia

Animal Lover & Influencer

"My 4 Beautiful dogs love Prince Taste of Nature Dry & Wet food! I also love that Pet Nutrition is a Maltese brand!"


Robert Spiteri

Malta Dog Training

"I love using Pet Nutrition's products when training dogs as they are experts on healthy, raw and sustainable dog food."


Justin Parnis

Maltese Breeder

"As a breeder, I love investing in the health of my dogs and Pet Nutrition allows me to do just that. I don't need to worry about the ingredients as I can trust them 100%"

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