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Emma Tanti

Yuki loves the premium taste of nature range. Not only is it made out of 70% meat, but it has also helped her to improve her overall immune system. Yuki simply adores everything about this range and can’t seem to get enough!

Francine Zammit

''My 1 year old pup was having loose stools. I changed his kibble several times even tried prescription diets but nothing seem to help. Then a friend of mine mentioned the Barf diet. It was my last hope. I tried it and it was amazing. No more loose stools. Can't recommend it enough.''

Natasha Camilleri

I Personally use PRINCESS products as all my cats go crazy for them. They would choose PRINCESS products over other substitues with ease. This is probably because all dry & wet food is manufactured out of natural ingredients deriving from real fish, chicken, etc.. and not processed. This also results in a more glossy coat for the cat. 

Jean-Luc Micallef

‘’In the past I have had problems with finding the right nourishment for my dog cooper when coming to put on the right weight. However, thanks to the Prince Ultra Premium range such as the Taste of Nature (lamb), Cooper has managed to gain the required weight and is looking better than ever.’’

Alison Zammit

‘’Can't ask for a better litter than that of PRINCESS eco friendly. It helps in keeping clean & tidy for both it's texture and it's convenience of being flushable too. Purrfect for my long haired cats. Also it comes along in different pleasant scents, making this product wonderful.’’ 

Gerson Orsini

The Hause Von Sparta kennels have been operating in Malta for over 10+ years. Breeding Rottweilers, Bull-mastiff, French Bull dogs & American Bullies.

We trust Prince for the nutrition of all dogs in our kennels and we have not looked back as we achieved amazing results mainly with the Taste of Nature Range.




Complete & Balance

First complete wet food meal with 40 ingredients, in the world.

Tricalcium phosphate
Potassium chloride

"vital role in many different body processes, including bone growth and energy production."

"used to treat or prevent low levels of potassium in the blood."